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BRIDGES consists of volunteers and staff from various specializations, backgrounds, and ethnic cultures.

BRIDGES is a not-for-profit, charitable, grassroots, and a community-based association committed to breaking barriers and responding to the needs and priorities of immigrants, newcomers, and refugees through comprehensive programs, access to available resources, smooth settlement & integration, and constructive incorporation into Canadian society.

BRIDGES provides diverse and integrated programs and services including settlement & integration, psychosocial & mental health, employment & job placement, family empowerment & community support, and emergency & crisis intervention.


BRIDGES services and activities are guided by the following values:

Professionalism and transparency.

Gender mainstreaming, equality, and non-discrimination.

Respect for diversity, ethnicity, and multi-culturalism.

Justice, humanity, and respect for human rights.

Justice, humanity, and respect for human rights.

Protection of low-income, vulnerable, and marginalized groups.

Commitment to social responsibility.

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